M&A: The Process, Software and Tool Abyss

M&A: The Process, Software and Tool Abyss

Big-fish-eating-fish1   Here comes a merge! Essentially with a merge comes the dilemma of choosing the most effective process, software and tools used for daily business departmental functions. For example, it may be that the two companies use different accounting software, in turn, an assessment now has to be made whether to use one or the other or acquire another software that can handle the current business requirements. To streamline this process a team has to be assembled consisting of atleast 4 per department from each company (that is well versed in the processes and controls of the department). They can then create process maps (visual representations of a process that help identify non-value added activities) and share them with the merging team. With a merge follows new operational and strategic goals, therefore, by collaborating and sharing departmental process information decisions about which process, software or tool becomes much easier.


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