The Most Important HR Metrics that you should be tracking

To really understand the health and performance of your human resources function, I have created a list of the most important HR metrics that will provide a clear picture of how the department is performing.

  1. Cost of Hire
  2. Ratio Compensation/Benefits to Revenue/Profit (compare each year to industry averages)
  3. Employee turnover rate of new hires within their first 24 months
  4. Percentage of new hires that rate training and educational opportunities among the top 3 reasons they accepted and still love their job – compared with the % who rate training and educational opportunities as excellent 12 months into the job
  5. Quarterly turnover % of high performing employees
  6. Turnover % of low performing employees within one year of receiving low rating
  7. Percentage of employees with superior performance ratings against salary levels
  8. Monthly turnover rate
  9. Revenue per employee: total revenue/total number of employees
  10. Percentage of women promotions to top level positions
  11. Promotions Rate: Promotions/Headcount
  12. Number of raises
  13. *Compensation Analysis to ensure competitive market salary is offered

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