Human Picture Package

Your business financials are just part of your business story and I help you understand the whole picture in your language.

Can your business story be improved?

The Notable Bookkeeping Human Picture Package Gives You

  • Opportunity to acquire additional information and guidance in regards to your current financial standing.
  • Help you understand your clients better and realize opportunities to improve or develop new first to market products, services or solutions that will ensure profitability.
  • Comprehensive set of free annual and monthly reports, such as, competitive analysis, industry news, swot analysis, and Scorecards that will help your business stay ahead of competitors and meet its goals.
  • Quality financial services that focus on your business needs.
  • Professional English to Spanish Translations to better target your Hispanic customers.
  • Opportunity to improve Sourcing/Procurement processes.
  • Complete Notable Bookkeeping resources for research, fundraising and more.
  • Show you how to vendor scrub in your accounting software.
  • Help you prepare a Financial Management Policy Manual for your business.
  • Provide you with effective fundraising brainstorming sessions that will ensure successful campaigns.

Fee Schedule

Option 1: Free consultation

Option 2:  Financial Services, $20/hr

Option 3:  Translation Services, $70 per article/person


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