Note* Services offered are on freelance basis.

Services Provided

1. Accounts Payable

Accurately processing vendor and supplier invoices while detecting discrepancies, removing duplicate payments from accounting software register and establishing GAAP controls and procedures.

2. Accounts Receivable

Maintaining a consistent and efficient Accounts Receivable level by immediately processing and preparing invoices. Contacting past due accounts to ensure payments are made on time.

3. Billing

Professionally preparing and distributing invoices at time of completion of sale, project or service.

4. Payroll Administration

Ensuring outstanding human resources services by reducing payroll discrepancies, processing and preparing payroll on time and adjusting for employee PTO.

5. Financial Reporting

Preparing financial reports to keep your business taxes up-to-date and provide an overall financial picture: Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement, and Monthly Scorecard.

6. Bank Reconciliation

Reconciling your business bank accounts monthly to detect lost checks, duplicate payments, unjustified bank and vendor charges, and assessing your budget performance.

7. Budgeting

Creating and maintaining a budget for your business will ensure your bottom line is being met.

8. Financial Analysis

Conducting accounting and industry research to provide insights on your current business financial health, help your business stay ahead of competitors, and provide opportunities for growth.

9. Research

Assist in cost-effective vendor and/or supplier allocation and aid in any other business related research.

10. Fundraising

Develop and execute fund-raising proposals, brainstorm opportunities for growth, and manage budget, donor databases, and promotional materials.

11. English to Spanish Translations

Provide accurate and professional English to Spanish translations in written or verbal form.

12. Insurance Assessment

Review, analyze and renew insurance policies to ensure your business’ needs are being met and to ensure that your business is not under/over-insured.

13. Human Resources

Manage and maintain employee related information, such as, PTO, benefits, payroll, ect.


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